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The platform that will enhance every area of your life. Let the REFORMED programming give you everything you need to strengthen and condition your mindset, alongside your body to ensure you are living the life you’ve always dreamt of.

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Reformed Features

We have carefully developed our iOS and Android mobile app to give you all the tools you need to level up in every area of your life. On REFORMED you will develop a mindset that never quits and learn to love every single part of the process along the way. This time your journey will be different, because REFORMER’S think different.

Weekly Schedule

A different weekly training schedule hits the app every Monday to take the guess work out of your training.

Nutrition + Recipes

Delicious, healthy recipes to fuel your training, optimise your recovery and ensure your meals are your medicine.


What puts REFORMED on another level entirely. Transform your mind = transform your life.

On-Demand Workouts

No boring exercise demos here! Every workout is in real time so you can train with your Trainer every set and rep of the way.


Our REFORMED family hub. Meet your new online fitness family - surround yourself with the energy you want to become.


Daily inspiration to rewire your subconscious mind with the thoughts and behaviours you want to embody.

Available on iOS & Android

The REFORMED with Sophie app is available to download for iOS & Android or your mobile or tablet. If you have a compatible AirPlay or Chromecast device you can also stream content from the app to larger formats such as your TV.

The best investment you’ll ever make in yourself.

Everything you need for £16.99 a month

Simple no nonsense pricing, one price includes every feature we offer.

This is your own PT at an unbelievable price.

If you opt for our annual subscription you’ll get an entire 2 months for free! • Cancel anytime.

A few words from our reformers

Want to see how REFORMED is transforming hundreds of minds, bodies and lives? Hear it first from our very own REFORMER’S …

Life changing a platform I have been looking for my whole life. Absolutely love everything about it and can't imagine my life without Sophie
I have loved being part of Reformed it has helped me so much in terms of building a positive mindset and learning about nutrition what good for your body/workouts. I have definitely been able to get out of my comfort zone and pushed myself with the help of Sophie. She definitely does get everything out of you and you feel amazing after a sweaty workout trust me
Sophie has created a variety of workouts and daily chats on topics to help us keep going to create a happy positive lifestyle for myself
Sophie is always there and is a real person who you can relate to glad I joined Reformed from day 1. Thank you Sophie
Reformed is the best lifestyle choice I ever made. Savage workouts, obviously but Sophie is also a wealth of knowledge for mindset and nutrition. When you join Reformed you not only get an insane PT but you gain a friend in Sophie and a family in the rest of the Reformers. Sophie puts her absolute all into the platform and is there with us 100% of the way. Joining on day 1 was the best thing I ever did and I've never looked back. I'm so excited for the future of Reformed and cannot
recommend it enough
Thank you for these two mindset videos OMG these have helped me so much. I'm going to be honest I have been struggling for a while with just a mixture of things. I watched this videos wrote so much down while listening to you. It's so good how honest you are it has helped me so much to figure things out. I'm starting to get back into my mindset I'm having counselling 3 times a week alongside your mindset chats are getting me back to me again. I have got that belief and I know I'm good and I can push myself, be happy and become more positive.
Thank you
the daily affirmation
are so good give me that extra push to get though the day x
Just watched the Fuck it video-1 have tears rolling down my cheeks. You hit so many chord's with your words.
You just need to know what an amazing and REAL trainer you are, that is why I love being part of Reformed. Nobody else says quite like you, no bullshit just real truth and honesty from a place where you've been and most of us have. Your beautiful inside and out and we all need to hear this more Self love can be very hard, but like this morning when I wrote how strong I felt and thankful to my body for providing with this foundation to do the workouts, I find I start to love myself a little more. Xx
Reformed is the only 'online' offering that doesn't feel 'online' You not only give us inane
workouts, recipes, mindset chats but you make us feel like we're part of your family.
It's very clear to see it's not about money with you, you genuinely want to help each and every one of us
There is everything you need to make you fitter healthier and definitely happier on the platform The workouts are challenging, wonderfully scheduled out so you get the best out of your week, nutrition with loads of ideas for meals and mindset to help your mental health so covers everything Also to top it off for me is the support from other reformers but especially from Sophie always gets back to you sometimes tough love but ALWAYS with support and what's best for you at the top of her priorities
I honestly love Reformed it makes me feel strong and empowered. And I don't know how she doesn't it but Sophie knows exactly what I need before I do whether it is a rest day or to shout on the video to give me a kick up the bum! I bloody love being a Reformer xx
Hi Sophie just wanted to drop you a little message to say WOW what an amazing 14 day trial I've just had, had to subscribe as soon as it ran out. Your workouts and daily inspiration section are something else! Looking forward to being a part of the Reformed family
Reformed has changed my life and made me do a complete 360 on everything I knew. The way you train and teach us in every aspect of our life from mindset, fitness & nutrition has blown my mind. I am so proud to be a Reformer and I'm learning something new every day. I have started doing so many things that I never done before like Journalling and it's amazing how much you need it without even realising it. Reformed is not just a fitness platform to me, it's an extended family - we all want the best for each other and support each other in our journeys
Thank you from the bottom of my heart x
You are always so supportive as well when I have wobbles on my journey xx
You put your all into the platform. to make it the best for us and that makes it special xx
Know sophie is always planning more and making workouts even more spicy! Cannot recommend reformed with Sophie enough, it has definitely offered me more than I ever thought it would, it definitely is the whole package
Reformed isn't just about savage workouts either, how many workout platforms have you seen that bang on about mindset, lifestyle etc etc & yet they don't actually do anything or being out anything to help. Reformed is DIFFERENT. There is DAYSSSS of mindset chats, mental blocks that can deter your journey & it's all real because Sophie is REAL.
I knew reformed was different & I was backing it 100%. 14 months on and Sophie smashes it day after day after day.
Day one Reformer & will continue for Forever & a day*
Reformed has changed the way I exercise, it gave me purpose and meaning. Sophie is amazing and isn't only a trainer but you become a family when your a reformer
I joined Reformed recently after thinking it for a while as I needed a change and wanted to challenge myself. And the workouts definitely challenge me and push me to my limits some times. Butl absolutely love the variety of workouts and the importance sophie puts on mobility too. I also love how sophie sees the importance of deload weeks as these are definitely needed with the savage workouts ureformers do! But what I didn't realise I would gain from reformed is the massive focus on mindset, I absolutely love all of Sophie's affirmations she does and all her inspiring chats about everything mindset related. Her energy and passion for helping us reformers is just infectious and really feel part of a special community. Cannot wait to see what is to come next as
I love everything about reformed - the variety of exercises, no two workouts are ever the same, the knowledge about nutrition which is way more important than being told only eat these foods and never eat these, the mindset chat which has helped me massively in all areas of life and feeling like I'm part of a community!! I have tried many platforms but nothing compares to this and Sophie is just the best
Well, what can I say about reformed? In a nutshell? BONKERS
it's the most craziest, happiest, savage-est, down to earth App/ platform I've ever been a part of.
From day DOT. Sophie has put her absolute heart into Reformed & my goodness it shows. Every single workout is unique, every single workout has the 'Sophie burn' every single workout is thought out, planned & executed PERFECTLY.
Love love love the Reformed App The range of workouts along with Sophie's positive energy keeps me motivated to keep turning up and digging deep in each workout... Thank you Sophie for all your hard work!
loved every
Kettlebell killer second, even the finisher!!
Just wanted to tell you a word that came to my mind when journaling was safe, don't know why it did but it made me really think that your workouts are my safe place, it's my time for no other thoughts about work, kids or life admin get in my brain and I just feel so care free! So thanks for you and thanks for reformed
For me reformed isn't just about the workouts (even though they are savage but amazing) joining with Sophie has honestly been the best thing that could of happen to me. More so mentally. Sophie helps me with my mental wellbeing and my understanding on why I do things the way I do, my
relationship with food. My life style EVERYTHING. She's my guardian angel in my eyes and I'd be lost without her. I may not have changed much physically in the past year (my own fault and demons) but my god I've changed mentally. My journey is far from over and I'm so excited to see where I am next year and year after that and so on. Also the reformed family..well.. to be the most amazing, strong minded, friendliest woman I've ever met!!
Can feel your passion through the phone on this subject, honestly get so much out of your mindset chats and been one of my favourite parts of your platform. Yes I love the savage workouts too but the mindset stuff is another level and just exactly where I want to get to. Definitely working on it and on right path and think finding you at this time was just the extral boost I needed thank you for
all your hard work you put into this happy Friday xx
What makes Reformed so special and unlike any other fitness platform out there is Sophie herself. Sophie puts absolutely everything into Reformed to create some seriously amazing workouts (I honestly don't know how she comes up with them - there are over 400 and no 2 are the same)! There are weekly schedules for those of us who love a schedule
, recipes, cookalongs, hours of mindset chats and so much more.
Joining Reformed is hands down the best decision I have made, not just for my physical heath, but for my mental well-being too. I've transformed my body since I joined at 6 months postpartum and I have abs again!!! But more than that, Sophie has always been there for me if I need to message her for guidance, motivation, nutrition advice,
recommendations... I could go on! Sophie is has become a friend and I will be a Reformer for life!
Reformed well what can i say!!! Its a game changer! Its savage! Pure carnage!!!! Lots of f**ks said ( my sweat sweats
Sophie works her ass off to give you new content daily... honestly she blows my mind! But its not just the fitness! She is really there every step of the way! Her mindset chats are so relatable ! She has your back covered!
Above all she keeps it real! No shits given!Sophie your an
inspiration to us all!
Thank you for creating this app!!
Reformed gave me back my life!!
For the majority of the time I trust the process and have a strong 80/20 balance... I'm loving my workouts because they aren't a punishment or a way of "earning" food!
I still have wobbles every now and then but Sophie is always there to support and guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ’s from our REFORMER’S

Where is best to start?

When joining the platform Sophie recommends jumping straight in with the weekly training schedule. You can also head to the WORKOUT tab and click on each workout style to view a short intro video to see what each workout concept is all about.

Mindset is at the forefront of what we do on REFORMED so scroll down to our very first video “what is your why?” and delve into everything the MINDSET tab has to offer .. it’ll truly change your life.

Do you offer calorie counting?

No - the REFORMED ethos is centred around fuelling your body with healthy, nutritional goodness 80-90% of the time; balance is a huge focus for us on the platform. The app offers not only nutritional guidance and education, but also delves into the psychology around eating behaviours and our relationship with food. Ultimately once you heal these areas you’ll never feel the need to restrict or calorie count again!

When does the weekly schedule get released?

Sophie will release a brand new schedule every Friday via Instagram ( ready for the following week. The app will automatically update and refresh at midnight every Sunday so you’re ready and raring to go with a brand new training schedule + workouts come Monday morning.

Do I have to follow the weekly schedule?

Not at all! We have 400+ workouts in the REFORMED workout bank across 23 workout concepts, so there’s always a workout to suit every day, mood and stage of life you’re in. Follow the schedule or freestyle it .. it’s entirely up to you.

Do you cater to pre/postnatal?

Yes. Sophie has trained both herself and hundreds of ladies through this very special chapter in their lives. REFORMED has it’s own pre/postnatal weekly schedule as well as a variety of workout concepts to ensure ladies are feeling strong (physically + mentally) throughout the pre and postnatal stages.

Am I expected to do every workout on the weekly training schedule?

No. Sophie ensures every member is catered for, which is why there’s such a variety of workouts released each week. She ensures rest days are included and prioritised, so by all means you can follow the schedule exactly as it is, or make it flexible to work for you. 4 workouts a week are recommended for maximum results.